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Lull 2024 Influencer Content Creation Guides

Before you shoot your content

Sun Icon

Please film during the day with bright, natural light.

Decorative Number Three

After you unbox your mattress, wait at least 3 days to make sure your mattress is wrinkle-free and fully expanded!

hd circle icon

Use a high-quality camera or phone set to at least 1080px.

Mute Sound Icon

Film in a quiet setting with no background music.

Clipping Scissors

You will need scissors to unbox the mattress.

Tripod line icon

Use a tri-pod or have a friend help you film. We want the mattress & logo in all shots!


No time-lapse! Do not speed up your video.

Unboxing Guide

Please film and shoot your unboxing horizontally

Keep your camera rolling through the whole unboxing process! No need to pause each step!

Aim for 3-5 minutes of unboxing footage.

Our favorite shot is when you cut the plastic and have the mattress expand with air!

Please make sure the logo is showing on the mattress and the box!

Review Guide

Feel free to mention that this is a sponsored post, but you are sharing your own opinions!

Please exclude text and music on your videos!

Ideal Talking Points
  • My Lull mattress is AMAZING!
  • Lull has a 365 Night Stress-Free Trial, Free Shipping & Easy Returns, and a Lifetime Warranty
  • I’m so happy I chose Lull!
  • Lull changed the way I sleep!
  • Lull has amazing reviews!
  • I'm OBSESSED with my Lull mattress
  • Lull is the perfect mix of comfort and support!

Questions to Answer
  • How would you sum up your Lull experience with one sentence?
  • Were you nervous to buy a mattress online? If so, how did Lull make your experience better?
  • How does your Lull mattress compare to your previous mattress? What are 2 things you hated about your old mattress and how has Lull solved those issues?
  • Why did you choose Lull vs competitors?
  • Do you have back pain? Has Lull helped improve your pain?
  • How does the mattress feel? Soft? Firm? The perfect mix of comfort and support?
  • What would you tell a friend about Lull?
  • Is this your first Lull or do you have other Lull products?
  • Did the number of positive reviews on our website help you make your decision to get a Lull mattress?
  • Was there anything that pleasantly surprised you with your experience with Lull?

Eye-Catching Video Guide

We love a combination of footage that stops viewers in their tracks Select a few bullet points from below and aim for 90 seconds of footage

Please exclude text and music on your videos!

Lull logo must be visible in your shots!

Keep your camera rolling! No need to pause/stop!

Footage We LOVE
  • We love HIGH ENERGY footage!
  • Fun transitions, falling on the mattress, pillow fights
  • Sleeping/getting in and out of bed!
  • Panning of your bed fully made with the logo showing
  • A room transformation (before and after)
  • Pulling/ripping sheets off the bed to reveal the mattress
  • Squishing the mattress with your hand, fluffing your pillows
  • Close-up shots of the cover and logo
  • Excitement in facial expressions
  • Jumping out of the box
  • Every day activities (reading a book, on your computer, coffee, playing with animals, etc)
  • Disposal of your old mattress (moving it out of your room, throwing it off the balcony, down the stairs, running it over with car)

Photo Guide

  • Horizontally shot
  • Bright, natural light
  • Mattress on bed frame
  • Logo is showing
  • Mattress is fully expanded
  • Wide angle, far away
  • Fun, shows personality
  • Vertically shot
  • Mattress is wrinky
  • Sitting on edge of mattress
  • Logo is not showing
  • Dark lighting

Social Media Post Guide

Please refer to Review Guide for talking points and Eye Catching Guide for footage we love

Please send a copy of your social post without text or music.

In Feed Post Static Reel or TikTok


  • Personal discount link will be provided with required hashtags.


  • Video must be between 15-45 seconds.
  • Personal discount link will be provided with required hashtags after all content is submitted and approved.
  • Personal discount link must be added to caption and bio for 30 days after post goes live

Stories Instagram TikTok
  • Each story post must at least have 2 slides in length.
  • Instagram: Both stories must mention a sticker and connect to your unique discount link for your followers to receive a discount on their Lull mattress. Discount link will be provided once content is approved.
Youtube Mention
  • Your Lull integration must begin within the first 2 minutes of your Youtube video.
  • Caption above "Show More" break must include your discount code. Sponsored by Lull".
  • Submit the raw content from your integration to your coordinator!